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An Acre Of Land

 · 1 acre = square meters. 1 acre = square yards. 1 acre = hectares. 1 acre = 1/th of a square mile. The most common shape for an acre is 1 furlong by 1 chain, or feet by 66 feet.

 · Originally, the amount of land a man with a pair of oxen could plow during a day defined an acre’s size. An acre in farming refers to a piece of land that is one furlong or feet long and one chain or 66 feet wide. One square mile of land equals acres.

An acre is a unit of measurement that is meant specifically for land. It is mostly referred to by the US Customary and imperial system. It is used to measure the area within a given boundary. An acre is equivalent to 43, square feet of area.

 · In farming, an acre refers to a piece of land one furlong ( feet) long and one chain (66 feet) wide; there are acres in a section, or square mile, of land. In common use, however, an acre is 43, square feet of land in any ted Reading Time: 6 mins.

 · An acre is 43, square feet. Acres are a form of measuring area, which means, these 43, square feet can appear in any shape. As such a square acre will be about feet per side. Understanding the size of an acre is : Rick Kesler.

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  1.  · The short answer: an acre is equal to 43, square feet. That’s also 4, square yards or hectare (a hectare is 4, square meters). One square mile is acres. In land surveying, you might see this called a “section” as well. Land surveyors also talk about something called a “quarter,” which is 40 acres.

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