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Basically the same as eyeballin. To look at something with extreme interest. Also, the act of eyeballing something is to measure or weigh something without any tools. (Not necessarily refering to anything illegal or obscene).

Alcohol eyeballing represents a phenomenon with potential permanent adverse consequences, deserving the attention of families and healthcare providers. Health and other professionals should be informed about this alerting trend of misuse. Larger observational studies are warranted to estimate the pr .

The eyeballing game Your inaccuracy by category: Average error: (lower is better) Time taken: Best of last score and time: Best on this computer score and time: Help / About Angles not square? Also see the other parts of: The eyeballing game Your inaccuracy by category.

eyeballing meaning: 1. present participle of eyeball 2. to look closely at someone. Learn more.

Home» Eyeballing a black hole’s mass. Eyeballing a black hole’s mass. Published by Ajisebutu Doyinsola. There are no scales for weighing black holes. Yet astrophysicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have devised a new way for indirectly measuring the mass of a black hole, while also confirming its existence.

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  2. Define eyeballing. eyeballing synonyms, eyeballing pronunciation, eyeballing translation, English dictionary definition of eyeballing. n. 1. The globe-shaped portion of the eye surrounded by the socket and covered externally by the eyelids. 2. The eye itself. 3. An overhead light fixture.

  3. eyeballing definition: 1. present participle of eyeball 2. to look closely at someone. Learn more.

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